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Quality Tenant Placement

Of course you not only want tenants, you want the RIGHT tenants. Finding the right tenants can be like interviewing for a key job position. Many potential headaches of being a landlord can be taken off your shoulders by the right property management team. Here are just some of the ways a property manager can save you time and money:

Get Your Rental Listing Seen

In order to find the right tenants, you need a good pool to choose from. When you hire an experienced property management firm like Call it Home, your listing is seen by hundreds of potential renters.

Screening Potential Tenants

There is an art to screening potential tenants. Call it Home uses an proven process to bring you qualified, responsible tenants. We understand and follow all the non-discrimination laws in regards to choosing tenants to keep you within legal parameters.


Guide to Property Management

Great Added Value

Our property management team can lift the burden of being a landlord in numerous other ways, including but not limited to:

  • Credit & income background checks of potential tenants
  • Tenant/Landlord proactive communication & resources
  • Preparing lease documents, inspections and rental licensing
  • Rent collection, accounting & processing
  • 24-hour support for tenant inquires, complaints legalities & evictions if needed
  • Help you set pricing for your rental property.

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