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Home Buyer Incentives

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Selling a home can be an incredibly stressful process no matter what the market looks like If the market is slow sellers have to do everything they can to make their property appeal to buyers If the market is hot sellers need to make their home competitive with other homes on the market

Open House Tips

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Although real estate professionals have mixed feelings about the effectiveness of Open Houses many believe they re efficient marketing tools Since most homebuyers won't buy a house without viewing it first a well planned Open House can attract more buyers to your property Your agent will want to schedule one soon after you

Understanding Comps and Why They are Important

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The real estate market is such that it involves huge investments and numerous players when it comes to buying and selling of properties There are also several industry related terminologies that players should be familiar with Comps is one of the important terminologies that players in the Utah real estate market should know

Are You Ready to Buy?

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With so many people buying homes due to home prices and low interest rates it may seem like a no brainer to jump into the housing market However buying a home is a huge financial commitment If you think you re ready to buy your first home ask yourself these five questions to

Steps to Selling Your Home

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Many homeowners want to know what steps are required to sell a home Knowing the steps required will help you make an informed decision regarding when and how to sell your home and can provide guidance with what is an otherwise overwhelming process This will help people prepare themselves physically emotionally and mentally

Factors that Affect Your Mortgage Interest Rate

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If you re looking for a mortgage loan you probably want the lowest interest rate you can find After all small increases in your interest rate can lead to large costs over the life of the loan Surprisingly many factors determine that one little number Here are nine of them Supply and Demand

Tax Deductions for Home Sellers

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It s said that the only certainties are death and taxes but you may have some leeway on the latterif you re selling a house Under Section 121 of the tax code the IRS does not tax home sales if profits are below 250 000 or below 500 000 if you and your

Tips to Avoid Seller's Remorse

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Selling your home can be difficult regardless of whether you ve owned it for several months or several decades selling a home has a significant financial and emotional effect on your life Since selling a home is one of the biggest financial decision most of us will experience the potential for regret is

How to Make a Counter Offer

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Whether you have submitted an offer on a home or just received one on your listing a tentative sales contract will likely go through a period of negotiation The outcome of this back and forth communication should result in a ratified contract that contains terms on which both parties can agree To get

Real Estate Listing Do's and Don'ts

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Throwing together a listing without really thinking it through is a huge mistake once you have made the decision to sell your home The wording and pictures included in a real estate listing can make or break your sale because they form the first impression of your home for potential buyers The good

Budget-Friendly Kitchen Remodel Tips to Sell Your Home

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If you are selling your home your kitchen could make the difference between a quick sale or a long wait but be careful not to spend more on a kitchen remodel than you will get back There are several ways you can improve your kitchen to increase the sales price that are friendly

Tips for Selling Your Home During the Winter

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While most people would prefer selling their homes at other times of the year a turn of events may force you to place your home on the market during winter Making a move like this has its unique set of challenges but the internet has certainly made getting a buyer a whole lot

What Season is The Best Time to Buy a Home?

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Although home sales tend to spike around the summer time when buying and moving into a new home is the most convenient for families the winter season is the best time to buy if you re looking to score a great deal on your new property However every season has its home buying

Do's and Dont's For Buying Your First Home

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Buying a home for the first time is an exciting milestone in life but there are a variety of obstacles that can get in the way Follow these first time home buyer do's and don ts from Call it Home to make the process go as smoothly as possible First Time Home Buyer

5 Utah Cities Where You Get More Home for Less Money

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Utah is quickly becoming one the most desirable places to live in the United States According to published reports several counties rank in the top percentiles for growth in the last few years If you are looking to move here from another state or you are a renter and want to buy careful

Small DIY Fixes to Get Your Home Ready for Sale

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If you re working on getting your home ready to sell you may be considering spending money on repairs and upgrades to increase the value of your home However you don t need to spend a ton of money on home improvements in order to get your house ready for sale We understand

Six Reasons to Buy a Home in the Winter

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Winter is known for its shorter days and colder nights but there's one closely kept secret about winter of which most homebuyers are not aware Winter is one of the best times of the year to buy a home If you're considering buying a home this winter we would love to help you

Seasonal Effects on Pricing Your Home

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Are you thinking about buying a home this fall You ll find some pros and cons to purchasing a home during this time of the year For many the positive points of autumn home buying far outweigh the downsides Call It Home understands that fall and winter are game time for many buyers

Real Estate Photography Pitfalls to Avoid

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When you go to sell your home taking quality pictures is crucial Call It Home is proud to serve the Salt Lake City Utah area for all of your real estate needs Our agents understand the importance of taking great pictures If the photos you use are not captivating enough to make potential

Time-Proven Tips for Showing Your Home

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Are you about to show your home Call it Home can help to make this process a success for you and your family There is more to successful house showing than many homeowners realize Many forget to do some simple preparation that could greatly benefit them You can increase the chance of selling
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